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Acoustic Safety Programme - Occupational Health & Safety Services

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The Acoustic Safety Programme OHS is a support service for employers and employees working in the call centre and CRM environment who may be subjected to the causes and effects of noise interference and acoustic shock.

The Acoustic Safety Programme is recognised as the leading authority in its field by the Dti, CWU and TUC. We have formed a partnership with the National Physical Laboratory to provide the UK's leading testing and research institute in acoustic shock and noise interference for personal telephony equipment.

Acoustic Safety Programme

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Your Duty of Care - Our Responsibility

Employers have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of staff from all noise-related risks at work.

Carry out noise measurements and if advised by a risk assessment, a programme of regular audiometry to include pre-employment, baseline and ongoing hearing tests.

Conduct risk assessments - these should consider all the potential risks from noise

Inform, consult, and train workers about the risks faced, low noise working measures, and how to use noise protection.

Monitor the risks and review preventive measures - this may include health surveillance.

Employees must be consulted on health and safety measures before the introduction of new technology or products.

Store and maintain personal equipment and provide training and guidance on how to use it.

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