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Health & Safety Executive

New 2008 HSE Acoustic Shock Guidelines fall within the Control of Noise At Work Regulations 2005, as an employer you will need to:

your company and its workforce

your Acoustic Shock Policy

with employers liability regulations

To view the latest HSE Acoustic Shock guidelines issued by the HM Principal Specialist Inspector (Noise & Vibration) in 2008 - click here.

Did You Know?

Over £10 million of out-of-court settlements have been paid

One Claim could result in your organisation being financially crippled and publicly damaged

Thousands of cases of Acoustic Shock have been experienced by Call Centre Operators to date

The Acoustic Safety Programme is the only end-to-end solution to address the causes and symptoms of Acoustic Shock in the work place developed in consultation with the HSE, HSL and insurance industry.

Employers have a legal duty under the Noise at Work Regulations and under EU legislation 2003/10/EC to reduce the risk of damage to your employees' hearing

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