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ASP Annual Acoustic Safety Conference – SECC in Glasgow 27 & 28 November 2006


This year the event comes to Glasgow, the call centre 'hot spot' of the UK. The Acoustic Safety Programme, its sponsors and supporters, extend an invitation to those formulating health & safety policy for headset and telephone users, to the Annual Acoustic Safety Conference.

This year’s event is spread over two days and incorporates all the up to date knowledge and information relating to the well being of communications users, who are subjected to noise and acoustic interference through communication systems. The impact of noise on health is a priority in all environments and there are specific risks that are recognised in the communication sector, such as acoustic shock. The conference will identify and explain these risks, giving you the tools to implement Best Practice within your work place. Leading experts will cover topics ranging from Noise Legislation to Human Factors. The event will allow you to consider how training and knowledge sharing will benefit your business, review new technology and healthcare solutions. Over a two day event the delegation will benefit from the considerations of 6 influencial keynote speakers and over 20 leading experts and specialists from public and private organisations. In addition to these presentations delegates will be able to talk to and discuss solutions with the market leading telephony equipment manufacturers as well as training, support and industry representatives in our luncheon workshop area.

Prices £95 per day for the event or £165 for the 2 days (including luncheon and refreshments)
£59 per day for Supporter Organisation Members and Sponsors Clients at a special delegate rate

This year's conference has been made possible by the commitment and hard work of our partners, supporters and sponsors and in particular we would like to thank: GN Netcom and BT Global Services for their outstanding belief, increased overall participation and for taking up the Platinum package for 2006; Plantronics for the significant contribution to the project throughout their maiden year of support of ASP; Clement Clarke Communications and Tecteon Plc who working together have been our most avid supporters since we began, and finally to Sennheiser Communications and Polaris (Silvertongue) for their ongoing participation and support. We would also like to thank and welcome Call Centre Focus Magazine, our Official Sector Media Partner, Atlantic Link, our new e-learning partner and our other major supporters and partners of the programme, conference and initiatives over the year: Scottish Power plc, Barclays Bank Plc, the Dti, NPL, CWU, IOSH, RNID (Scotland) and our founding partner, the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA).

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To book for this year’s event please click here.

Hotels - Preferential rates at the:

Campanile Hotel Glasgow
Tunnel Street, Glasgow, G3 8HL (on-site)
Tel: 0141 287 7700
Fax: 0141 287 7701
Crowne Plaza Glasgow
Congress Road, Glasgow, G3 8QT (4 Star) (On-site)
Tel: 0870 4431 691
Fax: 0141 221 2022

Please quote "Acoustic Safety Programme".

This year at the SECC in Glasgow:

  •  Noise Legislation Reviewed
  •  Acoustic Shock Syndrome – An expert view
  •  The Human Factors
  •  Research Projects and Market Benefit
  •  The “We Care about Hearing Campaign”
  •  Technology Reviews and Sponsor Exhibitions
  •  The World's First “Independent Telephony Equipment Reports”

Previous Events
The UK's 1st Acoustic Safety Programme Conferences on 7th and 11th November 2005, opened and launched by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, Minister for Health and Safety, were held at the National Physical Laboratory (a Dti funded organisation) in Teddington, London. Senior managers responsible for health & safety from over 160 of the UK's largest call centre employers attended the events.

As a result of these Conferences more employers are :

  • Aware of the current facts on the causes and effects of acoustic shock and noise interference at work, specifically where it relates to telephony operatives in the call centre environment
  • Aware of their responsibilities and the laws that apply to the health & safety of employees where noise at work and equipment are concerned
  • Taking action to assess the risks from noise in Call Centre environments
  • Introducing traceable reporting systems, training and awareness programmes
  • Aware of and able to access through the Acoustic Safety Programme initiative the technology, occupational health and training solutions available to prevent and treat the risk and its symptoms

And delegates receive :

  • The ability to understand and describe the basic causes and effects of acoustic shock, the likelihood of its occurrence in their organisation, and the possible injury to your call centre operatives.
  • The opportunity to be their organisation's knowledgebase, having received the very highest quality Awareness & Training, delivered by the world's leading Acoustic Shock Experts, Research Institutes and Health & Safety Specialists
  • The ability to advise their organisation with full knowledge and documentation relating to HSE, Insurance & Union Guidelines, delivered by: Key Note Speakers from these sectors
  • The ability to advise their organisation on the relevant Reporting and Claims Procedures, Policy Statements, etc which will be delivered by the industry professionals that helped to shape them
  • Have a first hand working knowledge of Acoustic Shock & Noise Limitation, Monitoring & Recording Devices delivered by the world's leading Manufacturers
  • Grant their organisation access to Occupational Health Support and Victim Treatment guidance, thus improving staff relations and working conditions and attrition rates
  • Ensure that the education and awareness programme is sustained by their organisation having an introduction to an Acoustic Shock e-learning provision for Operators & Managers (different levels)
  • Make available to their organisation the world's only Post Event - Acoustic Shock Protection Solutions, Services and Support enabling a complete and compliant call centre health check for potential acoustic shock and acoustic damage


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